“Avengers: Endgame” ticket sales: “Avengers: Endgame” Marvel movie hits $2 billion, unseats “Titanic” and 2nd place to “Avatar”

“Avengers: Endgame” continued its global domination at the box office in a second week victory lap that saw the blockbuster cross the $2 billion mark in record time and unseat “Titanic” as the second highest-grossing film ever worldwide. The Walt Disney Co. estimated Sunday that “Endgame” added $145.8 million from North American theaters and $282.2 […]

“Avengers: Endgame” box office: $1.2 billion opening obliterates records

The universe belongs to Marvel. “Avengers: Endgame” shattered the record for biggest opening weekend with an estimated $350 million in ticket sales domestically and $1.2 billion globally, reaching a new pinnacle in the blockbuster era that the comic-book studio has come to dominate. The “Avengers” finale far exceeded even its own gargantuan expectations, according to […]

Meet the “Sunday Morning” Sun Queen

No one can control the weather, but there IS someone at CBS who can make the sun come out. Meet our associate director Jessica Frank, our “keeper of the suns.”  For 20 years associate director Jessica Frank has been handpicking every shining example of sun artwork to appear on our program – about 9,000 and […]

Glenstone: A Maryland museum blending modern art, nature and contemplation

Washington, D.C., is jam-packed with museums, but the must-see art collection in the region right now is 20 miles from the Mall, in Potomac, Maryland: Glenstone, where ultra-modern galleries and giant sculptures by the likes of Jeff Koons and Richard Serra play peekaboo with their surroundings. Mitch and Emily Rales built Glenstone on a 230-acre […]

“Mobituaries”: The other Kennedy

In December 1962 America’s #1 album wasn’t by Elvis, or Ray Charles, or Peter, Paul & Mary. It wasn’t even music. All the excitement was over a comedy album, a parody of then-President John F. Kennedy and his family, fittingly titled “The First Family.” Q: “Sir? When will we send a man to the moon?”Vaughn […]

Damien Hirst wants to make art you can’t ignore

How’s this for a story? A few years back, the wreck of an ancient sailing ship, the Apistos, was found off the coast of East Africa. The ship’s name translates as “unbelievable” in ancient Greek, and the cargo she carried was pretty unbelievable indeed. Divers found treasure by the ton, including gold-plated sculptures and huge […]

Carole King and her “Beautiful” life

It is possible, even likely, that many people in the audience of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” know most of the songs by heart. Carole King has heard it from her fans the world over. “I meet people, and they come up to me apologetically: ‘I know you’ve heard this a million times …’ and […]