Dentists say they support 7-day limits on opioid prescriptions

During the time when opioid prescriptions were declining across the board nationwide, dental prescriptions were on the rise, according to a new study published Monday in the Journal of the American Dental Association. But the American Dental Association has now released a new policy saying they now support statutory limits of seven days for dental […]

How some rural hospitals were used to score huge paydays

GRACEVILLE, Fla. — As many Americans struggle to pay rising health insurance premiums, a CBS News investigation has uncovered a scheme that could make those premiums go even higher. It raises costs for insurers, who could then pass the increase along to you. Jorge Perez is CEO of Empower Group, a Miami-based healthcare company that […]

2 measles cases put U.S. travelers on high alert

NEWARK, N.J. — Health officials are warning people who went through airports in Newark, New Jersey, Detroit and Memphis this month that they may have been exposed to measles. The disease was carried by two air passengers from overseas. The two cases happened within days of each other. The first was on March 6, when […]

5 NYC doctors charged with taking kickbacks for fentanyl prescriptions

NEW YORK — Five New York City doctors were arrested Friday on charges that they accepted bribes and kickbacks from an Arizona-based pharmaceutical company to prescribe large volumes of a highly addictive painkiller. Prosecutors say the doctors, four men and a woman, collected tens of thousands of dollars working for the company’s “Speakers Bureau” over […]

A brush with madness

The paintings and life story of Vincent Van Gogh would appear to make the case that there’s a connection between great art and madness. But does that apparent link have any real basis in science? Rita Braver takes a closer look:  In the midst of his fierce and ultimately losing battle with madness, Vincent Van […]