Mexico-Guatemala border: Mexico offers to send more troops, U.S. says tariffs “still moving forward”

Washington — Facing the prospect of new tariffs imposed on all goods sent to the U.S., the Mexican government is proposing to overhaul its asylum rules and deploy thousands of troops to the country’s border with Guatemala to curb the unprecedented surge of migrant families journeying to the U.S.-Mexico border. In talks with the Trump […]

Mount Everest trash: 24,000 pounds of garbage were just removed from Mount Everest, leading to the discovery of four dead bodies

The Nepalese government has removed just over 24,000 pounds of trash from Mount Everest, according to The Associated Press. During their cleanup of the world’s highest mountain, cleaners also uncovered four dead bodies.  Among the 11 tons of recovered trash from the 45-day project are food wrappers, cans, bottles and empty oxygen cylinders, Tourism Department […]

USS John McCain: During President Trump’s Japan visit, officers were told to keep warship from Trump’s view

Officers were told to keep a warship named for the late Sen. John McCain out of President Trump’s view during his Memorial Day weekend visit to Japan, CBS News has confirmed. CBS News senior national security correspondent David Martin reports that a U.S. Indo-Pacific Command official wrote an email to Navy and Air Force officials […]

London Metropolitan Police to “consider” Live Facial Recognition ethics report as rights groups decry technology as illegal

A photo used in by the London Metropolitan Police to publicize its trial of Live Facial Recognition technology in the British capital. HANDOUT London — London’s Metropolitan Police force has said it will “carefully consider the contents” of an ethics panel’s report before deciding on any continued use of Live Facial Recognition (LFR) technology in […]

Holocaust victims discovered in mass grave earlier this year are laid to rest, honored with funeral burial in Brest, Belarus

More than 1,200 Jewish Holocaust victims were laid to rest in Belarus on Wednesday after their remains were discovered in a mass grave under a construction site. Builders unearthed the Nazi-era mass grave while constructing a housing development earlier this year in an area that served as a Jewish ghetto from 1941 to 1942. Soldiers […]

CBS News poll on trade and tariffs: Americans want China to change policies; they’re wary of short-term tariff impact

In views on trade and tariffs with China, most Americans applaud the goals but express some wariness about the tactics — at least in the short term. More than six in ten Americans (62%) favor trying to get China to change its trade policies toward the U.S. This view includes large majorities of Republicans (84%) […]

Danny Baker royal baby tweet: BBC fired long-time radio broadcaster for tweeting image of chimpanzee and “royal baby” caption after birth of Archie Harrison

BBC broadcaster Danny Baker has been fired over what he called a “stupid unthinking gag pic,” BBC News reported Thursday. Baker tweeted an image of a chimpanzee with a caption reading, “Royal Baby leaves hospital.” Many Twitter users criticized Baker and the black and white image, which shows a woman holding the chimp’s hand. It […]